Welcome to Friends of Moma Hospital!

This is a dedicated effort in partnership with Medical Benevolence Foundation to rebuild an 80-year-old hospital in the remote southwestern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

After you have explored this website, please become a “friend” of Moma Hospital by clicking on the “Become a Friend” link to the right. Visit us regularly to see the progress being made in bringing this hospital back to life.


172 Lifestraws Funded


Donor generosity has been wonderful since we launched the Lifestraws project several months ago. We have raised enough funds to purchase 172 Lifestraw Family units, but still need funds for the remaining 100 that are in a warehouse waiting for … Continue reading

New Latrines for Moma Hospital


Using funds raised by Friends of Moma Hospital, workers recently completed several outdoor latrines for patients and staff at the hospital. The latrines, which are “ventilation improved pit toilets”, will go a long way toward preventing the spread of disease … Continue reading